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Pans in Tin, Watercolor Palette Set


12 Metallic Pearl Colors


Pans in Tin, Watercolor Palette Set


Single Color (more colors available)


36 Colors + 1 Water Brush Pen


36 Colors + 1 Water Brush Pen


Watercolor Paint

To create truly beautiful effects almost effortlessly, work with watercolor paints. Arteza’s watercolor paints are formulated to become your favorite set yet. We offer two different variations of watercolor paints: half-pans and paint tubes. If you’re interested in having as much control as possible over your watercolors, you might also want to add our watercolor colored pencils and Real Brush Pen (watercolor markers) to your collection. As for watercolor paints, our formula is incredibly pigmented, noticeably blendable, and easy to mix, to make working with watercolor paints an absolute delight. Produce your best watercolor paintings yet with our premium watercolor paints. 


What surface is best for painting with watercolors? Watercolor paper is specifically designed for watercolor paints. Our Hot-Pressed Expert Watercolor Pad and our Expert Watercolor Pad make great options for serious painters, or any painter looking for quality paper. Additionally, our Round Watercolor Paper Pad, DIY Expert Watercolor Foldable Canvas Frame Pad, and our Hardcover Watercolor Book make wonderful options for painters of all ages. Our watercolor paper is completely acid-free to preserve the vibrancy and integrity of your work for years to come. The quality of your watercolor paper plays a crucial role in the success of your paintings, so make sure you’re working on acid-free, premium watercolor paper. 


What can I use to apply watercolor paints? Watercolor paint brushes are a must-have for any painter, we recommend our professional-grade Watercolor Brushes Set of 12, Watercolor Brushes Set of 5, and/or our Round Watercolor Brushes Set of 5. To create any and everywhere with complete control, invest in a set of water brush pens. Water brush pens make painting with gouaches and watercolors an absolute breeze, and they limit the amount of water you use when painting. See for yourself what a difference a well-crafted water brush pen can make by investing in any of our sets (see our Water Brush Pens Set of 4 and Water Brush Pens Set of 6) — the following watercolor paint sets include a water brush pen: Kids Watercolor Kit, Watercolor Kit, and Watercolor Premium Artist Paint Half Pans Set of 36


What if I’m new to working with watercolors? For beginners to intermediate painters, we recommend any of the following watercolor sets as an introductory set: Watercolor Paint Half Pans Set of 36, Watercolor Kit, Watercolor Artist Paint Set of 12, Watercolor Artist Paint Set of 25, Watercolor Artist Paint Half Pans of 12, and Watercolor Paint and Tool Small Art Set. If you’re looking for useful How To video demonstrations for working with our watercolors, be sure to check out the videos on our YouTube Channel. Since our paints are super blendable, you should have no problems working with our watercolor paints, regardless of your lack of experience with the medium. 


What are empty half-pans useful for? Any artist working with our Watercolor Premium Artist Paint Tubes will make excellent use of our Empty Half-Pans in Tin Box Set of 24. Our well-crafted empty half-pans palette invites painters to mix their own colors, and create their own palette! This travel-friendly empty palette will come in handy any time you’re painting, whether you’re home or on the go. Painters will appreciate the extra palette space the tin box provides when painting away from home. While our Empty Half-Pans are perfect for watercolors, they can also be used for gouaches.


Create gorgeous watercolor effects effortlessly with our professional-grade watercolor paints!