Classic Canvas Panels, 5" x 7" - Pack of 14

Classic Canvas Panels, 5" x 7" - Pack of 14

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Classic Canvas Panels, 5" x 7" - Pack of 14

Classic Canvas Panels, 5" x 7" - Pack of 14



  • Save Time & Money - Pre-primed with three coats of animal-friendly, acid-free titanium acrylic gesso
  • Perfectly Textured - Smooth, 100% cotton surface with enough grain for the paint to hang from
  • Lightweight & Less Bulky - Portable and ideal for most frame moulding or metal frames
  • Individually Wrapped - Use as needed and safely store the rest


Our carefully crafted 5 x 7 inches canvas panels are made specially to deliver a quality canvas for your artwork to be showcased on. You will save money, time, and energy by not having to prepare canvases yourself. Each canvas comes pre-primed with three coats of cruelty-free, non-toxic, acid-free, titanium, acrylic gesso. This provides you with a noticeably smooth, 100% cotton surface to paint on. The texture of our gesso primed canvases is smooth to the eye, yet grainy enough for the paint to grip appropriately.


The lightweight design of our canvas panels makes them easily transportable and ready to frame. With our sleek canvas panel design, this pack of 14 can easily be carried for hours on end without discomfort to the artist. The compact design of our pre-primed canvas panels makes them ideal for all artists. Whether you plan to frame your finished piece or not, our professional-looking canvases will display your artwork, proudly. Order your 14-pack of gesso primed 5”x7” canvases today and witness the difference a well-built canvas makes.


Set yourself up for creative success, start by securing this 14-pack of 5” x 7” canvas panels! Regardless of your preferred medium, our pre-primed canvas panels are made with your best interest in mind, making them a must-have addition to your art kit. Order this 14-pack of classic canvas panels while supplies last.

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