Acrylic Quilter's Ruler, 6" x 6"

Acrylic Quilter's Ruler, 6" x 6"

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Acrylic Quilter's Ruler, 6" x 6"

Acrylic Quilter's Ruler, 6" x 6"



  • Clear Design - This Quilters Ruler is see-through and embossed with measurements, including a ½ inch seam allowance
  • Double-Colored Grid Lines - Our patented black and lime green grid allows you to easily see the fabric underneath, no matter the color
  • Durable Acrylic - Designed to last for all your quilting, sewing and craft measurements
  • Ambidextrous Angle System - Angles are vertically mirrored to make it convenient for left and right-handed people to use the ruler
  • Anti-Slip Rings Included - Also includes 12 anti-slip rings to help you with your arts and crafts projects


This acrylic quilter’s ruler is a must have for all crafters, quilters, and sewers. The unique ambidextrous angle system on our patchwork acrylic rulers makes this an easy to use ruler for both lefties and righties. The ambidextrous angle system vertically mirrors angles for your convenience. The transparent design of this acrylic quilter’s ruler makes it easy to see any colored fabric underneath. Its clear design is complete with embossed measurements, including a useful ½ inch seam allowance.


This 6”x6” square, acrylic ruler features our unique black and lime green grid which allows crafters to easily spot measurements through the fabric underneath. Our universally used patchwork acrylic rulers are made of a very durable acrylic. Never has measuring for sewing, quilting, and needlework been so approachable. Order your newAcrylic  Quilter’s Ruler today to make stress from measuring a thing of the past.


Sometimes in life it really is the little things that bring us the most pleasure. Make a crafter, quilter, sewer or artist in your life giddy after unboxing their new acrylic quilter’s ruler. Our square, acrylic ruler makes a unique gift that will surprise and enthuse any recipient. Our durable acrylic rulers will be a long-lived addition to anyone’s collection and are certainly worth the small investment. Add this ruler to your shopping cart, while supplies last.

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