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Classic Stretched Canvas, 8" x 10" - Pack of 12

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  • Save Time & Money - Pre-primed with three coats of animal-friendly, acid-free titanium acrylic gesso
  • Perfectly Textured - Smooth, 100% cotton surface with enough grain for paint to hang from
  • Sturdy & Reliable - Durable pinewood stretcher bar holds your canvas firmly
  • Wet & Dry Media - Versatile and designed for a variety of paints and techniques


Create with wet and dry media on Arteza’s classic stretched canvases. Each  8”x10” canvas in this 12-pack of comes pre-primed with three coats of animal-friendly (cruelty-free), non-toxic, acid-free, titanium acrylic gesso. By not having to prepare each canvas in this pack of 12 you are saving yourself time, money, and energy. Since each canvas is acrylic gesso primed you are encouraged to start creating the instant you receive these well-crafted, stretched canvases. Each stretched canvas included in this pack is sturdy and reliable.


The canvases featured in this pack of 12 are made of pinewood stretcher bars which are durable and made to hold your canvas firmly. Each canvas is made up of a stretched 100% cotton surface which provides artists with a perfectly textured canvas. The pre-primed stretched canvases featured are smooth and grained, providing you with the ideal surface for paint to adhere to. The classic stretched canvases included in this pack work stupendously with acrylic, oil, tempera, and gouache paint, as well as dry media.


Upgrade to this budge-friendly 12-pack of 8” x 10” Classic Stretched Canvases to truly take your craft to the next level. Regardless of your age, skill set, or artistic background, you deserve to work on well-crafted canvases that are built to last. Encourage yourself to paint, draw, and collage more frequently this year by investing in this affordable set of 12 Classic Stretched Canvases. Order yours to see how glorious it can be to work on superb, stretched canvases.