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Gray Graphite Transfer Paper, 9" x 13" , 60 Sheets

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  • Make an Impression - Duplicate or record your markings and designs with convenient loose leaf sheets
  • Versatile - Perfect for a variety of craft and art projects
  • No Mess - Unlike carbon, graphite leaves no unwanted marks on hands or surfaces
  • Multi-Surface Use - Works on paper, wood, metal, glass, fabric, canvas, and more

Arteza’s graphite transfer paper, included in this 9” x 13” set, makes transferring your artwork hassle-free. Graphite transfer paper makes moving your design from a sketchbook or piece of paper to your canvas as quick and trouble-free as possible. Duplicate or record your markings and designs with the convenient loose-leaf papers included with this graphite transfer paper. Each of the 60 sheets of paper featured in this graphite transfer box are professional-grade and versatile.


Our transfer papers work well on paper, wood, metal, glass, fabric and canvas. Unlike carbon, graphite leaves no unwanted marks on your hands and work surfaces. The back of the packaging of our graphite transfer paper’s compact box includes detailed instructions on exactly how to use the paper properly. Whether you have been transferring your work with graphite paper for years or this is your first time, this product was made with your wants and needs in mind. Secure your 60 sheets of graphite transfer paper today.


Take your craft projects, DIY pieces, drawings, mixed media pieces, and paintings to the next level by upgrading to our must-have 60-sheet set of 9” x 13” gray graphite transfer paper. Since we’ve included easy-to-follow instructions on the packaging, you'hh have no trouble working with this set of transfer paper! Order this graphite transfer paper set today.