Classic Canvas Panels, Black, 9" x 12" - Pack of 14

Classic Canvas Panels, Black, 9" x 12" - Pack of 14

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Classic Canvas Panels, Black, 9" x 12" - Pack of 14

Classic Canvas Panels, Black, 9" x 12" - Pack of 14



  • Bulk Pack of Canvas Panels - Save money and time by always having a professional-quality surface available when inspiration comes
  • Primed & Ready to Use - Primed with black acrylic gesso that allows highlights to pop and shadows to appear deeper
  • Create a Variety of Artwork - Each black canvas panel has a 100% cotton surface, making it perfect for acrylics, oils, and other media
  • Lightweight & Less Bulky - Portable and ideal for most frame moulding or metal frames
  • Certified Non-Toxic - These versatile surfaces are AP Certified and suitable for artists of all levels


Painting on canvases that can’t handle your enthusiasm and passion is a thing of the past with our sturdy and dependable canvas panels. You get the best of both worlds with our durable, pre-primed canvas panels; they are both heavy duty and lightweight. Each of the canvas panels included in this 14-pack are perfect for artists that prefer to travel light. This highly portable design allows you to create anywhere you go: create on the train on the way home from work,  the bus while commuting to school, and/or when on your lunch break. The incredibly sleek design is also ideal for storage purposes.


The compact design of our classic, black,  9”x12” canvases are designed to make framing your work as straightforward as possible. Whether you choose to use metal frames, frame mouldings, or go frame-less, this canvas will display your artwork with the respect it calls for. Enjoy the feeling of working on luxury canvases without the price.  Treat yourself to these well-made, durable, classic, black canvas panels today!


Produce paintings with bold colors on the canvases included in this 14-pack of 9” x 12” classic canvas panels. As we all know, practice makes perfect; secure this plentiful 14-pack of classic black canvas panels to use to practice even more frequently. Strategize your creative growth, you’re sure to get there one painting at a time. Order this 14-pack of black canvas panels to use to assist you in elevating your craft. 


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