Diamond Painting Craft Set, Daisy & Sunflower, 12" x 16" - Set of 2

Diamond Painting Craft Set, Daisy & Sunflower, 12" x 16" - Set of 2

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Diamond Painting Craft Set, Daisy & Sunflower, 12" x 16" - Set of 2

Diamond Painting Craft Set, Daisy & Sunflower, 12" x 16" - Set of 2



  • Hours of Intricate Fun - Calming and fun, enjoy completing these works of art sections at a time, or all at once
  • 2 Floral Options -  Enough resin rhinestones to create both pieces; delightful daisies and stunning sunflowers 
  • Everything Included - Applicator tools, plastic trays, wax, resealable bags, and tweezers all included to provide you with everything you need
  • Non-Toxic & Waterproof Canvas - Includes 2 premium, non-toxic canvas’ to ensure safety and quality
  • Perfect for De-Stressing- Reduce stress and anxiety, and increase focus by working on these diamond paintings  



  • 2 Canvas Panels  with Adhesive covering and plastic covering 12 in x 16 in (30.5 cm x 40.6 cm)
  • 28k Diamond Beads (approx)
  • 2 Applicator Tools 
  • 2 pieces of wax
  • 2 Plastic Trays
  • 2 pieces of tweezers
  • 2 packs of resealable bags (each pack 10 bags)


Have you always loved paint by numbers, but want to explore new ways of doing so? Look no further than our Diamond Painting (Daisy and Sunflower) set. Much like the popular painting kits, simply match these sparkly rhinestones to the coordinating color spots on the provided canvas, and watch as your masterpiece evolves in front of you.  All you need is this kit and your creativity to bring these pieces to life! 


To begin with our Diamond Painting (Daisy and Sunflower) pick the section and color you want to start with, place those rhinestones in the plastic tray, and make sure to give it a gentle shake to ensure that rhinestones facets are facing up. Next, you fill the applicator tool with wax, and begin laying them down in the coordinating spots! Soon, these stunning floral arrangements will take shape. We’ve included tweezers for any mistakes, and a plastic covering to cover the canvas’ safely when not in use. 

Explore this popular, and comforting art form with Arteza’s Diamond Painting (Daisy and Sunflower) and open your world to a new and engaging pastime. One of the many great things about diamond painting is that they are beginner-friendly, and include all the accessories needed. Especially perfect for those who have little space to store additional items. Don’t miss out on our Diamond Painting set, order yours today!

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