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Hobby Kit - 17 Pieces

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  • Superior Quality Blades - Each blade is made from SK-5 high quality tungsten Japanese steel.
  • Handles Built to Last - The handles are made of a corrosion resistant anodized aluminum for supreme durability.
  • Cutting Mat - Included is a 3.5x7.1", 3mm thick triple-layer self-healing cutting mat.
  • Easy Organization - Durable storage container features a magnetic strip to keep blades organized.

Experience precision cutting with this 17-piece Hobby Kit!

The 13 assorted blades feature heavy duty construction. The SK-5 Japanese steel has a high carbon content, making the blades harder and stronger than traditional steel. This type of steel is good from edge to edge and its high performance allows you to make precise cuts, so you can be sure that these blades will perform well for the intended task. The tungsten coating increases the corrosion resistance of these blades, giving them even more durability.

Each set comes with 1 Precision, 1 Trimming, and 1 Cutting Handle. Each aluminum handle has been anodized through the formation of an aluminum oxide layer, granting it greater thickness than would be produced naturally. This creates a corrosion-resistant layer for maximum resilience.

The included professional quality self-healing mat is 3mm thick for the serious crafter so you can save your tables and workspace. Your every cut is healed by the increased softness of the designated area on the mat. Made from 100% polypropylene, the mat can be completely recycled after its lifetime. Be sure to use sharp blades on the mat to prevent wear and tear.

You can simply store the blades with the durable container that they come in. On the inside is a magnetic strip to keep the blades in their proper spot. You’ll never have to worry about losing a blade. Grab a hobby kit today and keep creating!

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