Kids String Art, Animals - Set of 5

Kids String Art, Animals - Set of 5

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Kids String Art, Animals - Set of 5

Kids String Art, Animals - Set of 5



  • 5 Animal Designs - This set includes 5 foam boards, 5 self-adhesive patterns, 5 cardstock backings, 15 threads (in 7 colors), 677 plastic push pins, 5 white kickstands, and an instruction booklet
  • Easy to Use - Detailed instructions booklet included, as well as additional helpful tips, available through a scannable QR Code 
  • For Ages 8 & Up - Designed for children ages 8 years old and older


Invite a child in your life to create like never before with our Kids String Animal Set! Our string art set for kids includes the following five designs: (1) a sloth hugging the moon, (2) a tropical bird smiling, (3) a lion with a blue background, (4) an elephant with a playful pink background, and (5) an alpaca. This string art set is suggested for children eight years old and older. 


Our Kids String Animal Set comes complete with an instruction booklet, (five) white kickstands, (677) plastic push pins, 15 threads (in seven colors), (five) cardstock backings, (five) self-adhesive patterns, and (five) foam boards. We’ve also included a scannable QR Code with helpful tips for working with our string art set for kids! 


While this string art set was designed for children, it's suitable for artists of all ages. Whether you’re a child, teenager, adult, or senior citizen, you’ll make excellent use of this unique art set. Find peace of mind as you immerse yourself in the relaxing world of string art with our premium Kids String Animal Set!

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