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8" Mini Wood Display Easel, Pack of 8


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• Miniature Easels – Petite and lightweight, these mini easels are ideal for displaying all of your small canvases, photos, brochures, and business cards.
• Sturdy Beech Wood Construction - Naturally strong and durable beech wood will remain a reliable place to exhibit your work for years.
• Bulk Pack of 8 - One can never really have enough tiny easels, can they?
• Natural Wood Finish - Gorgeous and naturally light wood-grain never goes out of style.

If you’re looking for a creative way to display just about anything, look no further than these 8” Mini Wood Display Easels. They make any artist’s canvas instantly look more polished and poised, and they’re the artsy way to make your photos pop. They’ll even help your business cards look more appealing and create a professional looking brochure display. These easels aren’t just for art! Display books, calendars, or framed portraits – the options are infinite.

Crafted from beautiful and sturdy beech wood, these easels only get better with age. Beech wood is a naturally strong and durable wood that’s ready to stand the test of time. They easily fold up flat for storage and are ideal for portable projects. These easels are lightweight and incredibly well-made to display your objects with class and sophistication.

Shall we discuss the benefits of buying things in bulk? You’ll definitely get your money’s worth with this 8-piece set. And let’s be honest, once you have one tiny easel, you’ll want more. These versatile easels can be used in a variety of ways, including for painting parties. Perfect for kids, teens, and adults -- imagine the joy upon seeing an impeccably set table with canvases perfectly perched atop these easels. One word: Magical.

With a natural wood finish, boasting gorgeous light wood-grain with rich dark flecks, these easels are simply timeless. They’ll fit seamlessly into any décor, from modern to traditional, because of their classic design. With their versatility, these easels can be used and reused endlessly. You’ll surely love these aesthetically pleasing additions to your art supply collection for years to come.