Acrylic & Oil Paint Brushes - Set of 5

Acrylic & Oil Paint Brushes - Set of 5

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Acrylic & Oil Paint Brushes - Set of 5

Acrylic & Oil Paint Brushes - Set of 5



  • Well Crafted - Made from synthetic hairs, brass ferrules, and birch wood handles; these durable paintbrushes can be relied upon to perform
  • Various Sizes - 1 round brush (size 4), 2 flat brushes (sizes 6 and 11), 1 cat’s tongue brush (size 8), and 1 rigger paint brush (size 0)
  • Easy to Clean - Brushes are amazingly easy to clean; No worries about rust since our brushes feature anti-rust brass ferrules 
  • Versatile Brushes - Designed for acrylic and oil paints, yet can also be used for tempera and gouache paints


Our budget-friendly Acrylic & Oil Brush Set features five premium paint brushes in varying sizes designed for acrylic and gouache paints. The shapes and sizes of the paint brushes included in this acrylic brush set are as follows: a size 4 round brush, sizes 6 and 11 flat brush, size 8 cat’s tongue brush, and a size 0 rigger paint brush. This oil and acrylic paint brush set features thin and thick brushes to add variety into your collection. 


Arteza’s acrylic brush set features professional-grade brushes made of durable synthetic brown hairs, anti-rust brass ferrules, and wooden birch black glossy handles. The handles of our acrylic brushes are very sturdy so you can paint with complete confidence. This artist paint brush set makes a wonderful gift for any artist in your life! 


Produce marvelous paintings with ease with our five acrylic and oil brush set. If you are interested in the best acrylic paint brushes, we compel you to sample Arteza. Our paint brush set features well crafted paint brushes designed to make painting hassle-free. Whether you’re just learning how to paint or consider yourself the next Edgar Degas, you’ll make excellent use of these high performance paint brushes in varying sizes. Level up creatively by upgrading to our premium Acrylic & Oil Brush Set today.

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