Permanent Markers, Retro Pop Colors, Ultra Fine Tip - Set of 24

Permanent Markers, Retro Pop Colors, Ultra Fine Tip - Set of 24

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Permanent Markers, Retro Pop Colors, Ultra Fine Tip - Set of 24

Permanent Markers, Retro Pop Colors, Ultra Fine Tip - Set of 24



  • 24 Retro Pop Colors - The wide range of colors will compliment any artist’s vision, this set includes rare colors like Neon Orange and Aegean Blue 
  • Quick-Drying Ink - Our formula is fast-drying and waterproof, so you can create smearproof marks, that are permanent on most surfaces 
  • Ultra Fine Tip - Create fine details or use this set for writing, whether you’re journaling or drawing you’ll find this set of markers exceeds your expectations 
  • Certified Non-Toxic - Our permanent markers are non-toxic and also conform to ASTM D-4236 standards


Create fine details on your portraits, mixed media pieces, or illustrations with this set of 24 Permanent Markers. Alternatively, this set is perfect for writers, students, or anyone who journals frequently. The ultra fine nib, featured on each permanent marker, is optimal for creating small or thin marks. Sign your paintings or drawings using our ultra fine nib markers. 


Our art, permanent markers set of 24 includes a wide range of colors, making this set ideal for anyone looking to add more color into their notes or artwork. Whether you’re filling in the pages of your adult coloring book, or writing in your notebooks, this set will deliver the results you desire! Order this set of 24 Permanent Markers while supplies last. 


Bring more color into your life, start by securing this set of 24 Permanent Markers! This set of permanent markers will make a fabulous addition to your summer tote bag, backpack, or purse. Sketch, draw, journal, or illustrate any and everywhere, using our premium set of 24 Permanent Markers, in retro pop colors—secure your set today!

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