Pouring Acrylic Paint, Blush Tones, 4oz Bottles - Set of 4

Pouring Acrylic Paint, Blush Tones, 4oz Bottles - Set of 4

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Pouring Acrylic Paint, Blush Tones, 4oz Bottles - Set of 4

Pouring Acrylic Paint, Blush Tones, 4oz Bottles - Set of 4



  • No Mixing Necessary - Each color has the perfect ratio of pouring medium already mixed in, so no need to worry about prepping your high-flow paint
  • 4 Blush Shades - Create unique color combinations with a specially curated collection of pink shades that includes a glimmering gold for accents
  • Pour Directly onto Your Surface - Simply open the cap and pour the colors you want onto a variety of surfaces like canvas, rocks, glass, ceramics and more
  • Non-Toxic & Safe to Use - This acrylic paint set conforms to ASTM D-4236 standards


Create colorful, fluid art designs with this specially curated set of pouring acrylic paints in blush tones. No need to spend time trying to get the right ratio for a pour medium in order to make pouring art—all you need to do is open the bottle and start creating! Use this set to add on to your existing collection of pouring acrylics or use a combination of the pink and gold paints to create a unique piece of art. The high-flow consistency makes it easy to spread the colors around your surface and get an even application every time.


You can also paint on a variety of surfaces like glass, ceramics, rocks and more. In your set, you’ll get Carnation Pink, Cerise Pink, Gold, and Neon Pink. You can experiment with different proportions of colors to create stunning abstract art. These paints are non-toxic and safe for artists of all levels to use in their pours. Get yourself a set today and create something amazing.


Create beautiful pour paintings with pink tones and gold highlights, using our blush tones Pouring Acrylic Paint set of four. This high flow pouring paint will soon become your go-to, rainy day activity. Since our paints are pre-mixed they are ready to be poured the moment you feel inspired to create. Make the most of this extra time on your hands by producing immersive pour paintings that leave a lasting impression. Order your Pouring Acrylic Paint set today.

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