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Gouache Paint - 60 Colors (60 x 12ml/0.4 US fl oz)


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  • 60 Lightfast Chromas - Each labeled gouache tube reflects its paint opacity, light exposure rating and color name/number
  • Paint Flow - Deeper than watercolors, paints have a smooth velvety, viscous texture which can be altered by adding water or gouache mediums
  • Paint Coverage - A small amount goes a long way in these 12 ml tubes. Paints offer  excellent opaque coverage on large surfaces and dry with a matte finish
  • ACMI Certified - Paints approved non-toxic and safe for creative spirits of all ages

The love-child of watercolors and acrylics, let this Gouache Paints Set birth a new perspective of creativity in your artistry!

Adore the spectrum of 60 hues and never miss a color from the realm of your imagination. Every tube is decorated with its paint’s lightfast rating, opacity level and pigment name so artists know how to properly use these paints to get the results they desired once their pieces are completed. Though its pigment particles are larger, gouache shares similar elements used in watercolors and acrylics, but infuses chalk as a secret ingredient to increase opacity. Gouache adheres on all absorbent mediums such as primed canvas, paper or wood, is compatible with mixed media and appears differently depending on the painting style of the artist.

Gouache paints are water-soluble and have a smooth, velvety texture with more pigment to offer when compared to watercolors. To change how opaque the paint is or its flow behavior, carefully add water until you achieve a creamy and more translucent consistency that you like and use it as a wash. Make gouache paints waterproof by applying an acrylic medium, but keep in mind this will also tone down the “matte finish” look these paints are known for. Paint opaque backgrounds and revisit them later to add opaque link work and other intricate details. The best part about this paint type is that it’s easy to hide mistakes! Like watercolors, you can use a damp brush to lift gouache paint and redo an area until you’ve captured the vision you intended. Repaint dark areas with a light colored gouache and see how it leaves no traces of the previous work prior!  

The individual 12 ml tubes ensure that each color stays true to its own form without any accidental mixing. Wet gouache dries as quick as acrylic paints and a small squeeze of chroma spreads exceptionally well on large blank spaces you plan to cover with one flat color. Dried gouache paints tend to appear darker than the wet shade that comes out of the tube so use this to your advantage when performing layering and color blocking techniques on surfaces. Allow gouache paints to dry completely before proceeding with a new color to deter them from bleeding into each other. Have fun and alternate between acrylic and gouache paints without stressing over the layer order and long dry times.

Use these versatile gouaches on watercolor paper and canvases for illustrations, decorative backgrounds, lettering or outlining. These pigments have undergone strict medical and toxicology testings by experts to be ACMI- Certified. Approved safe and non-toxic, paints are suitable for creative children and adults.

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