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Tie Dye Ultimate Set


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  • Instructions Included - Comes complete with easy to follow instructions 
  • Tie Dye Set - Transform your fabrics with colorful tie dye patterns 
  • Bonus Supplies - Also includes 3 regular and 3 glow-in-the-dark fabric markers 
  • 18 Bottles - Comes complete with 18 easy squeeze bottles
  • 177 Piece Set - Everything you need to create beautiful tie dye designs 

Set Includes:

  • 18 Squeeze Bottles Containing Dye Powder
  • 10  Clear, Plastic Gloves 
  • 10 Plastic bags with seal, for storage of tie dye shirts (while color sets, for 8 hours) -
  • 10 Wooden clothes pin clips 
  • 120 Rubber Bands 
  • 2 Clear, Plastic, Table Coverings
  • 1 Instruction Sheet 
  •  6 Fabric Markers (3 regular and 3 glow in the dark)

Supply yourself with the best of the best with Arteza’s Tie Dye Ultimate Set. This plentiful tie dye kit comes complete with: 18 squeeze bottles containing dye powder, clear/plastic gloves (10), plastic bags with seals (10), wooden clothes pins (10), rubber bands (120), clear/plastic table coverings (2), fabric markers (6), and an instructions sheet. 

The dye colors included in our Tie Dye Ultimate Set are: pink, rose, yellow, orange, fuschia, royal blue, teal, turquoise, blue, violet, purple, lemon, brown, black, coral, wine, lime, and peach. Add more color to your cotton fabrics with this must-have, easy-to-use, professional-grade, budget-friendly, extensive Tie Dye Ultimate Set! Order yours while supplies last.

 Just imagine all that you can craft with this Tie Dye Ultimate Set. Take the fun of arts and crafts outside with this all-in-one tie dye arts and crafts kit. Give your closet a makeover with all the supplies included in this unique Tie Dye Ultimate Set! Secure this Tie Dye Ultimate Set to make tie dying your fabrics as easy as possible! The creative opportunities are endless with this well-crafted Tie Dye Set!