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Wine Glass Metallic Markers (Set of 8)

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  • Write virtually on all surfaces including Plastic, Ceramic, Paper, Wood, Metal, and Glass
  • Go BOLD with a variety of 8 vivid colors that POP on any background
  • Quick-drying, Fade-resistant, and Water-resistant ink
  • Non-toxic ink - Conforms to strict standards: ASTM D-4236 and EN 71

Now the world is your canvas Don't restrain yourself to just paper, these markers are fantastic on all kinds of surfaces. They write on glasses, mugs, mirrors… places that have been woefully off limits for ages. This is the Swiss Army Knife of the marker world. With the power to apply beautiful, crisp color to just about anything, all those projects you spent your life wishing you could do just became possible. Colors have NEVER looked this good… even on black Black is one chic color, but it’s notoriously difficult to do anything with because our options have always been ‘that one white gel pen,’ and also, ‘that other slightly white gel pen.’ Sometimes yellow. Metallic markers give you the power to use any color on any surface. Its that simple. Colors that would normally look dull and boring on a dark surface suddenly spring to life. - Green! - Blue! - Even Red! They all show up spectacularly with vivid metallic ink. Perhaps most importantly, you can now set down that glass without immediately forgetting whose it was. Beautiful and practical.

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