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Fabric Markers, Assorted Colors - Set of 30 Autoship

Fabric Markers, Assorted Colors - Set of 30

Non-Fading Colors - Wash in cold water for results that last ​ Dual-Tipped - Make bold strokes using the fine tip or flip the marker over and use the ultra-fine tip for more precision​ Customize & Create - Transform T-shirts, jeans, backpacks, caps, and more ​ Water-Based Ink - Non-toxic and safe for artists of all levels Diversify your wardrobe with this set of 30 colorful fabric markers. Our premium, dual-tip fabric markers provide artists with both fine and ultra-fine tips, making achieving detailed fabric designs much easier. The unique colors included in our fabric markers set are very authentic to the colors found in nature, with a mix of some more vibrant shades to better contrast. The color range featured in this set of fabric markers makes this a very versatile and inclusive set that any artist would be pleased to utilize and own.   So long as you wash your creations in cold water, the colors will not fade or weaken over time. Our professional-grade fabric markers are permanent, to assure your work withstands the tests of time. Whether this is your first or hundredth time working with fabric markers, you will find ours glide effortlessly and are comfortable to use. Customize, create, transform and touch up your t-shirts, jeans, backpacks, hats, headbands, sweatshirts and more with this advanced set of dual-tip fabric markers.   Our fabric markers blend like no other marker on the market, so you can attain the results you only dreamed you could achieve. Our colored fabric markers work well on any fabric, whether you are looking to customize a pair of sneakers, decorate your Christmas stocking or create a one-of-a kind gift to give to that special someone this holiday season. Our markers are the right choice! This set makes an awesome gift for anyone creative in your life, or even those who have yet to discover their creative side. Our markers are forgiving and easy to use regardless of your skill level. Secure your set today for a more colorful tomorrow.
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Fabric Markers, Black - Set of 6 Autoship

Fabric Markers, Black - Set of 6

Correct and Customize - Keep handy for small scuffs or big bold designs on T-shirts, caps, bags, and more ​​ Non-Fading Color - Wash in cold water for results that last ​​ Dual Tip - Make either detailed or broad strokes using the fine tip or chisel tip ​ Water-Based Ink - Non-toxic and safe for artists of all levels and ages Having a set of Black Fabric Markers is incredibly handy for fixing small scuffs on clothing, as well as adding your own patterns or designs to your favorite garments. This 6 piece set of Black Fabric Markers was designed with your needs in mind. Each fabric marker in this set is dual-tipped, featuring both an ultra fine tip and chiseled tip. Whether you are looking to add or fix small details, or make broad strokes, this dual fabric marker has got you covered. The advanced design of our fabric markers makes working with them stress-free; the square design of each marker makes sure they won’t roll or tumble off your work space.   Avoid any fading over time by washing your revamped fabrics in cold water. Each fabric marker is made of water-based ink, which is non-toxic and safe for artists of all skill levels and ages. Each permanent fabric marker in this set of 6 was made to last, so that this will be a part of your art collection for quite some time before needing to be replaced. Order your professional, black, permanent, fabric marker 6-pack today.   Our versatile Black Fabric Markers also work marvelously on wood surfaces. Our black, permanent fabric markers will restore any scuffed black clothing items, backpacks or bags. This set of six, Black Fabric Markers also are ideal creating original designs on your garments. Secure your set of six, premium Black Fabric Markers today!
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