Be More Productive with These 19 Office Supplies

Be More Productive with These 19 Office Supplies

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What Supplies Do You Need For An Office?

When determining what supplies are necessary for your office there are two things to consider. First, what are your immediate needs to get your work done? Second, what future needs will you have? To accomplish your work today, you probably need all the basics—pens, pencils, highlighters, sticky notes, daily planner, etc. But, you will also need things like dry erase boards, dry erase markers, and a desk organizer to meet upcoming needs, such as presentations and the accumulation of printed documents.

At Arteza, we believe outfitting your office doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. You just have to know which supplies you want and where to get the most affordable office equipment to stay organized and productive. We think we have the best of both worlds. That’s why we put together this list of our top 19 office products.

The Top 19 Office Supplies



No office should be without #2HB pencils, as these have a medium-hard lead that won’t smudge and will give you a line that’s neither too dark nor too light. Whether you choose a regular or mechanical one, this is an office staple that you will use now and in the future, which makes it ideal for buying in bulk to save money.


Pens and Gel pens

You can’t have too many pens on your desk, but the secret is purchasing high-quality pens that are long-lasting and write without leaking. These include roller ball pens , which make fine lines, and gel pens that are especially popular for the smooth flow of ink you get and their quick-dry, no-smear properties.


Permanent Markers

If you need to ensure your writing can withstand harsh conditions such as being on shipping labels or metal warehouse equipment, then you want to use a permanent marker. As well as being able to take the wear and tear, they can be used on a wide range of surfaces.


Dry Erase Lap Boards

Your office might not be equipped with a full-size whiteboard, so the next best thing is the dry erase lap board . They’re affordable enough to have one for every member of your team and essential when it comes to presenting ideas or explaining concepts. Plus, they’re portable enough to be used at your desk, in the conference room, or for meetings away from the office.


Dry Erase Markers

To prevent your whiteboard from becoming stained, you should always use a dry erase marker instead of regular markers. You can get a variety of colors for making impactful and eye-catching presentations. To keep the board clean, add magnetic erasers to ensure you’ll always have one on hand. These are other essential items that should always be in the supply cabinet, so buying in bulk is the best way to make sure you never run out.



Sometimes you want to emphasize or remember a sentence in a printed document or an important note from a meeting. Having highlighters in different colors can help you do just that. Most offices keep a supply on hand because you never know when you’re going to need one. Another item best bought in bulk to save time and money.


Sticky Notes

Whether you need a handy reminder stuck to your computer screen or you want to leave a quick note on a colleague’s desk, sticky notes are an indispensable item in every office. These handy, removable little notes come in different sizes and colors and are great tools for brainstorming sessions or creative planning.


Scale Ruler

This ruler is ideal for anyone who creates models or drawings to scale. It has three sides with six different scales. Your office may not be involved in this type of work, but there’s no doubt you’ll be called on to measure something at some time, whether it’s for shipping or design purposes, and this sturdy ruler is the one to have.


Desk Organizer

Keep everything easy to find and within reach with a desk organizer. You’ll be surprised at how much more you can get done when you don’t have to search for a file, a pen, or a sticky note because it’s conveniently right in front of you.


Daily Planner

Begin your day knowing the most important actions to be done by using a daily planner. These come in handy pads for macro- and micro-planning. Once you’ve completed all your tasks, simply tear off the page and start fresh the next day. It also helps you keep up with meeting times and important dates.


Drawing Book

Not just for drawing, this hardbound book has blank pages making it ideal for jotting down ideas, sketching prototypes, or taking notes. One of the best features of using a drawing book instead of a standard notebook is that once opened, the pages lie flat, making it easy to write on. It also comes with a ribbon bookmark to save your place.



Chalkboards are a great way to communicate with your staff and customers. Use them to write messages and reminders, welcome visitors to your office, or display the day’s special for your restaurant. They’re versatile, portable, and easy to clean.


Chalkboard Cleaner Set

It’s important to keep your chalkboard clean for a professional and polished look. The best way to clean chalkboards is with a cleaning set designed just for them to prevent scratching or staining the board. This set comes with an ammonia-free chalkboard cleaner and a microfiber cloth. As a bonus, it also comes with a magnetic eraser.


Chalk Markers

To avoid chalk dust when writing on your chalkboard, we recommend using chalkboard markers. Their colors are more vibrant than chalk and they’re easy to erase. You’ll have a much wider range of colors to choose from using markers instead of chalk, as well.



For displaying your diploma, certifications, awards, or family photos you’re going to need frames for your office. These sorts of documents look best in classic, black frames that allow them to stand out. Hang alone or in groups for the most professional appearance.


Letterboard Letters

Letterboards are a great way to create signs, announcements, and lists or to display daily menu specials or inspirational quotes. That’s why it’s important to have plenty of letterboard letters on hand. You want to be able to have all the letters, numbers, and symbols you need to get your message across.



Whatever your business, tape is a standard office supply you should have. Whether you need transfer tape for indoor or outdoor surfaces like signs, windows, walls, metal or glass, foam mounting tape for trust-worthy wall applications, or invisible tape for sealing envelopes and packages and seamlessly fixing rips or tears, this is one thing to always have on the shelf of your supply closet.



Glue is the office worker’s best friend. You never know when something’s going to break and you need a quick fix. The best kind to get is school glue because it dries fast and clear and easily washes off hands, clothes, and surfaces.


Glassboard Markers

Glassboard markers work on a variety of nonporous surfaces. They are great for creating diagrams, charts, lists, and emphasizing important points in a presentation. They come in tons of bright colors and easily wipe right off.

No matter if you’re putting together an office for the first time or trying to be more productive in an office you’ve been in for years, we think the supplies listed here will make all the difference. We’d love to hear if you have any additions to the list or about the creative ways you’ve set up your workspace.

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