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Dry Erase Markers

Jot down your notes, reminders, daily goals, memos, and more, with dry erase markers. Our Dry Erase Markers are designed for whiteboard surfaces, as well as other non-porous surfaces like glass and plastic. Whether you’re writing daily affirmations on your mirror or lecturing your class, Arteza’s Dry Erase Markers are just what you need. Our professional-grade whiteboard markers feature low-odor ink that is certified non-toxic. Each of our dry erase markers includes a roll-resistant marker cap. Our dry erase marker ink formula erases completely clean every time, to ensure your surface stays fresh. Invest in a set of our budget-friendly Dry Erase Markers to conquer everything from work meetings to personal planning. 


What is the difference between dry erase markers and glass board markers? The major difference between our premium Dry Erase Markers and our Glassboard Markers is that glassboard markers’ nibs can be replaced. Our Glassboard Marker Set of 18, Glassboard Markers Neon Colors Set of 10, Glassboard Markers Assorted Colors Set of 20, and Glassboard Markers Assorted Colors Set of 10 each include replacement nibs and a pair of our Marker Nib Tweezers — to make replacing your marker nibs a total breeze. Invite our Dry Erase Markers or our Glass Board Markers into your life to make writing on non-porous surfaces easier than ever before. 


Are Arteza’s Dry Erase Markers completely non-toxic? Our Dry Erase Markers have received the Approved Product (AP) seal from The Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI). This seal certifies that the product has been evaluated by a medical expert and doesn’t contain materials in any quantity harmful to humans, either in the short or long term. This is done according to industry guidelines, as well as US hazardous materials law. Therefore, these markers are reliably non-toxic and safe for use. Additionally, our Dry Erase Markers feature low-odor ink. 


Which Dry Erase Marker sets include markers with magnetic caps? 

Dry Erase Marker Fanatic Bundle

Dry Erase Markers with Magnetic Eraser Caps Set of 60

Dry Erase Markers with Magnetic Eraser Caps Set of 24

Dry Erase Markers with Magnetic Eraser Caps, Assorted Colors, Fine Tip, Set of 60

Alternatively, you can always just pair a set of our Magnetic Erasers with any of our other professional-grade Dry Erase Marker Sets


Which sets include dry erase markers and whiteboard surfaces?

Framed Magnetic Dry Erase Lapboards Set of 2

Dry Erase Magnetic Weekly Calendar Set

Kids Magnetic Letters and Numbers Set

Complete Dry Erase Bundle

Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar Bundle

Home School Supplies Bundle


Set yourself up for academic, professional and creative success by investing in a set of our well-crafted, budget-friendly Dry Erase Markers!