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Journals & Planners

Document your thought process and plan your days and months with our journals and planners. Journals provide any and everyone with a space to be their authentic self, completely free of others judgment. Use a journal to document everything from your workout plans to to-do lists to journal entries. Express yourself freely on the pages that fill our premium journals. Planners are necessary for staying on track of all of your events, meetings, appointments, and commitments. Use your planners to plan your days, remind you of important dates, and to jot down your plan of action. Add a new journal and planner to your collection to set yourself up for success in all aspects of your life. 


What are the different types of planners? Academic planners are designed for students and educators or working professionals, our Blue and Purple Academic Planner and Journal Bundle provides you with the best of both worlds! Yearly planners are ideal for scheduling your personal or professional life; some people keep two planners: one for personal matters and the other for work related matters. Secure our 2022 Yearly Planner to make the rest of this year your most organized and productive yet! The Arteza 2022 Yearly Planner is available in watercolor design and black cover design


What are the different styles of journals? Pocket notebooks are specifically designed to be slender enough to fit in your pocket, making them ideal for anyone low on storage space or constantly on the go. It’s said no artist or writer ever leaves the home without a notebook, our Pocket Notebooks Set of 5 will assist you in making that your reality too. Our premium Pocket Notebooks come in the following designs: butterflies, constellations, and Moroccan inspired. Traditional journals come in three paper varieties: Dotted Journals (also called Bullet Journals), Lined Journals, and Sketch Journals


Which notebook paper style is best for me? Dotted/bullet journals allow artists to create with some structure, without feeling confined as they might with lined paper. Dotted paper also provides structure for writing, making it the most versatile journal notebook paper style. Lined paper is of course optimal for writing, journaling, and jotting down words. Blank/sketchbook paper is for artists who prefer to create without any interference. We carry Journal Variety Packs of 3 for anyone interested in all three journal styles; this pack comes in pink, neutrals, and blue colors. 


Grab a journal or planner today to keep up your productivity, organization, and creativity!