Get Crafty This Fall!

Get Crafty This Fall!

This Fall, we’re celebrating old-fashioned crafting. Artists and creative spirits alike love taking the time to invest in a good craft or DIY home project, so we’ve put a spotlight on some of our favorite craft supplies!

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Turn any drab surface into a masterpiece with our Craft Acrylic Paints! With an array of vibrant, vintage colors, these premium paints can be used to create a bold work of art on any number of surfaces, from canvas and wood to ceramics and glass. These smooth water-based paints quickly dry to a full-coverage, matte finish and can be used in any number of ways - add water to experiment with different textures, layer and blend with a sponge, or mix paints to create your own unique colors. Switch up the style of your space and add personality to your decorative items, make a statement sign out of a wooden surface, paint intricate designs on ceramics and glassware, or just stick to your canvas! When you’ve finished painting everything in sight, secure your paints with the snap-on caps for future use and easily clean any mess with a wet cloth and secure your paints with the snap-on caps for the next time you’re feeling crafty.

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Our Wood Slices feature natural pre-sanded pine wood (with bark), which arrives polished and ready to use. Their versatile nature invites you to explore  a wide range of media, including (but not limited to): acrylic paintsgouachespaint markerspermanent markerspouring paintsoil-based paintscraft paintspastels, and glitter (with glue). Arteza's wood slices also allow for countless artistic techniques including decoupage, wood burning, string art, and resin art. Additionally we have a variety of sizes, as well as unfished wood panels for all of your crafting needs. If you’ve never created wood slices, try something new by giving them a shot! 

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If you like your craft projects to really stand out, then you need our Black Stretched Canvases. From acrylics and oil paints to glitter and gemstones, you can get crafty with any number of art mediums that will make your highlights pop against a contrasting, shadowy surface. This premium pack of 8 is extremely affordable, so you can bulk up on supply and get to executing all of the projects on your DIY bucket list. Each 11x14 in. canvas is pre-primed with black acrylic gesso, so you can skip the tedious prep and get straight to crafting. Make a vision board that grabs your attention and inspires you to reach your goals, use shimmering craft crystals to mimic a star-filled night sky, or create a dramatic multi-media collage to proudly display on the wall. No matter what your next DIY idea is, these canvases will make for the perfect surface for all of your eye-catching craft projects.

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Producing beautiful paintings is as easy as simply pouring your paints onto canvas with our Acrylic Pouring Paint. Regardless of your artistic background, you’re sure to create immersive paintings with our acrylic pouring paint. Creating pour paintings is a fun-filled and stress-free activity perfect for any artist or crafter. Since our pour painting formula comes pre-mixed, you won’t ever have to worry about measuring and mixing your pouring medium. It’s just about impossible to create a bad pour painting, which makes this medium so inviting and approachable to any and everyone. We have a wide variety of color mixes for you to experiment with as well. Try something new, or restock your collection, with this wide selection of acrylic pouring paint supplies.

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Personalize your style this fall with your own creative ideas! Our Premium Fabric Markers are essential craft supplies for curating your own designer apparel. Decorate anything in your closet with vivid color; go from creating a beautifully blended masterpiece on the back of your denim jacket to making your own graphic t-shirt. This set offers 30 permanent fabric markers in a variety of exciting colors that won’t fade after a number of wash cycles. With these dual-tipped markers, you can go from shading areas of solid, bold color using the fine tip, to executing precise detail using the ultra-fine tip. Put your own creative flair on anything - sport your school spirit by adding the emblem on a sweatshirt, make themed t-shirts for a friend’s birthday party, or utilize your backpack as a canvas for your creations. With this set, you can easily turn any article of clothing into a showcase of your artwork.
Which products will you be using to get crafty this fall? Let us know in the comments

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