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Acrylic Pouring Paint

Producing beautiful paintings is as easy as simply pouring your paints onto canvas with our acrylic pouring paint. Regardless of your artistic background (or lack thereof) you’re sure to create immersive paintings with our acrylic pouring paint. Creating pour paintings is a fun-filled and stress-free activity when you’re working with our pre-mixed acrylic pour paintings. Since our pour painting formula comes pre-mixed, you won’t ever have to worry about measuring and mixing your pouring medium. It’s just about impossible to create a bad pour painting, which makes this medium so inviting and approachable to any and everyone; not to mention, it’s not a very time-consuming art form. Try something new, or restock your collection, with this wide selection of acrylic pouring paint supplies. 


How do I use acrylic pouring paint? First set up your station, this could mean laying down some newspaper to protect your workspace, or even a cloth or trash bag. Next, put a pair of gloves on, our Limited Edition Winter Acrylic Pouring Paint and Tool Art Set and our Pouring Art Starter Kit both include a pair of black nitrile gloves. Then, take out the acrylic pouring paint colors you’d like to work with. Some artists prefer to pour straight from the bottle onto the canvas, however we recommend you use a cup to mix your colors in. Once you’re all set up, you simply pour from the cup onto your canvas. Our stretched canvases and canvas panels all arrive pre-primed and ready to go! 


Which acrylic pouring paint sets are best for beginners? Supply yourself with all that you’ll need to truly dive into pour painting with our Pouring Art Starter Kit or our Limited Edition Winter Acrylic Pouring Paint and Tool Art Set. To add every color you’ll need to your collection, order our Pouring Acrylic Paint Set of 32. Alternatively, you can always start off with Pouring Acrylic Paint Sets of 4, available in metallics, aqua tones, iridescent candy tones, solar tones, iridescent gem tones, spring tones, nautical tones, blush tones, vibrant tones, mystic tones, orchid tones, iridescent enchanted tones, and iridescent sherbet tones. For more variety, invest in our budget-friendly Pouring Acrylic Paint Sets of 8, which come in the following colors: pastels, rainbow spectrum tones, and elixir tones


Can I order individual pouring acrylic paint bottles? Yes! We now offer Single Color Pouring Acrylic Paint Bottles in 2 fl oz and 8 fl oz sized bottles, in just about every color imaginable. Our 8 fl oz Pouring Acrylic Paint Bottles are a great value for the amount of pigment-packed, high-flow, pouring acrylic paint you’re getting per bottle. Stock up on all the pouring acrylic paint supplies you’ll need, while supplies last. 


Restock your pouring acrylic paint collection, or try this exciting wet medium for the first time!