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Wood Slices

Create artwork and craft pieces on one of the most versatile surfaces around: Wood Slices! Arteza’s Wood Slices provide artists with a smooth surface that can be used with a wide range of media, including (but not limited to): acrylic paints, gouaches, paint markers, permanent markers, pouring paints, oil-based paints, craft paints, drawing pencils, pastels, and glitter (with glue). Additionally, you can create wood burnings on the surfaces of our smooth Wood Slices. If you’ve never created wood slices, try something new by giving them a shot! Browse this selection of wood slices to find the perfect set for your upcoming artistic projects. 



Why shop Arteza’s Wood Slices? Our Wood Slices feature natural pre-sanded pine wood (with bark), which arrives polished and ready to use. Since our wood slices arrive polished and pre-sanded, they feature a noticeably smooth surface for you to transform! Their versatile nature invites you to explore countless artistic techniques, including decoupage, wood burning, string art, painting, acrylic pouring, and resin art. Lastly, our Wood Slices are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 



What can I make with wood slices? Use wood slices to create everything from DIY coasters to a wooden decal wall in your home. Other craft project ideas for wood slices induce DIY ornaments, home decor, signage, outdoor decorations, and place holders. When working with our polished wood slices the creative possibilities are only limited to your imagination! Invite more creative curiosity into your life, start by investing in a set of budget-friendly, professional-grade Wood Slices. 



What are the different Wood Slices Sets available? 



We offer three Wood Slices Set. Artists looking to create on miniature/small-scale wood slices will appreciate our Wood Slices Set of 45, which features 2.4 - 2.8 in long, and 0.4 in tall wood slices. Each wood slice included in our set of 45 arrives with a small, ideal for looping the included 50 in natural jute twine through to create ornaments, or hanging decorative pieces. 



Creatives looking to work on slightly larger wood slices will make excellent use of our Medium Wood Slices Set of 25, which includes 3.5 - 4 in diameter wood slices (which are also 0.4 in thick). Last but not least, artists who prefer to work on larger wood slices should consider adding our Large Wood Slices Set of 8 to their collection! Our Set of 8 Wood Slices features 0.8 in thick wood slices, each with a 8 - 9 in diameter. Also be sure to check out our new Unfinished Wood Set of 6, Unfinished Wood Set of 10, and Wood Board Set of 12 



Produce paintings, wood burnings, and craft pieces on natural pine wood with our Wood Slices!


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