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Acrylic Art Sets

Acrylic art sets are highly valued by both experienced and novice artists. Acrylic paints offer a range of thickness, called viscosity, that lets artists choose the thickness of their paints. Artists can use acrylics to paint everything from sharp, fine edges to thick, rich brush strokes. Acrylic paints can be used in a manner similar to watercolors or oil paints.

Acrylic paints are an artist favorite because of their wide range of textures, ability to use multiple surface types, plus it’s quick drying, and vibrancy of colors.


What is the best acrylic paint set? The answer will depend on your goals and skill level. Acrylic paints are available in two grades: artists’ grade (often referred to as “professional”) and students’ grade. Artists’ grade paints have a higher concentration of fine pigment, making the colors more vibrant. Because of the high concentration of fine pigment, artists’ grade acrylic paints are often easier to blend and of a smoother consistency. Students’ grade acrylic paints are cheaper but will have a lower pigment concentration, smaller selection, and less permanence.


When you are buying a painting kit, you will notice that some colors are standard and always included. This is because manufacturers group their paints based on the pigments required to make them. Most earth-tone colors are among the least expensive pigments. Any color derived from cadmium will be more expensive as these pigments cost more. When buying acrylic paints, look to get a good variety of the earth-tone paints and a few of the more expensive colors such as Cadmium Red or Yellow.


Which Acrylic paint is best for canvas? All acrylic paints do well on canvas. Because canvas is a fabric made from woven fibers, the acrylic paints you choose will have different effects. The viscosity of the paint will determine how the paint handles on the canvas. The fibers of the canvas dip and rise across the surface. To create smooth and consistent colors, Heavy Body Acrylics with their thick, creamy texture are ideal when painting on canvas.


A thick and rich paint, the Heavy Body Acrylics retain brushstrokes and are easy to mix, blend and dilute to achieve variable results. Both the artists’ quality and students’ quality acrylic paint sets are available in the Heavy Body viscosity. There are a variety of quality acrylic paint sets available, ranging from 10 colors to over 60 colors.