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Acrylic Paint

The creative opportunities are endless when you’re working with acrylic paint. Acrylic paints can be used on a wide selection of surfaces, including (but not limited to): canvas, wood, glass, paper, ceramics, and stone. Create everything from craft projects to fine art with our professional-grade acrylic paint formula. Our highly pigmented acrylic paint delivers impressive coverage, making a little amount of paint go a long way! Painters of all skill sets and artistic backgrounds will appreciate the blendability and viscosity of our acrylic paints. To make painting hassle-free we've included the color name, color number, transparency level, and lightfastness rating on each pouch/tube of our acrylic paint. Explore everything from acrylic pouring paints to metallic acrylic paints to glitter acrylic paints


What tools can I apply acrylic paint with? Artists typically reach for paint brushes and palette knives when working with acrylic paints. Palette knives offer artists the option to add unique texture to their works, and provide painters with a dependable tool to use to mix their colors. Mix your colors on the pages of your Disposable Palette Pads, or on a painting palette — many of our acrylic paint sets and bundles include plastic painting palettes. Paint brushes are an essential for any painter, and having a well-crafted and reliable set in your collection makes a world of difference! 


Is acrylic paint permanent? Yes, acrylic paint is permanent (on most surfaces) once it has dried. If you’re looking for a washable wet medium, tempera paints may be a better fit for you. Our acrylic paint formula is certified non-toxic and provides painters with vibrant colors that truly grab everyone’s attention. To add more dimension to your paintings, consider adding our Pearlized Acrylic Paint Set of 14, Iridescent Acrylic Paint Set of 10, Iridescent Glitter Acrylic Paint Set of 14, and/or Metallic Acrylic Artist Paint Set of 8 to your collection. 


What is acrylic pouring paint? Unlike traditional acrylic paints, our pouring acrylic paints are designed to be poured onto canvases. Often regarded as the most approachable wet medium, pouring paints is designed for everyone, even those who don’t identify as artists. To create an immersive painting simply pour your acrylic pouring paints from their tubes into a cup to then pour onto whichever surface you desire to transform. Since our pouring paints come pre-mixed, you can create truly unique paintings in just moments! Try acrylic pouring paint with our Pouring Acrylic Paint Set of 32, Limited Edition Winter Acrylic Pouring Paint and Tool Art Set of 27, or our Nautical Tones Iridescent Pouring Acrylics Set of 4


Become a stronger artist, one painting at a time! Stock up on everything you need to create, starting with our premium acrylic paints.