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Architect Rulers

Draw and measure with precision with an architect ruler. This is a must-have tool on an architect’s desk because of how crucial accuracy is in a blueprint or architectural sketch. Each ruler has 3 sides with 6 different scales to help you create. This intuitive tool allows you to keep your scale consistent throughout your sketch. You can also check your scale by measuring the distances between your objects in your sketch. The ruler is also made of anodized aluminum for a sturdy yet lightweight straight edge you can use to create crisp lines. You’ll be able to easily see which side you need because each side has a colored stripe to indicate which scale you’re using. This is essential if you’re an artist who requires precision in your work and you’ll definitely want to keep this ruler within arm’s reach. Get yourself an architect ruler today!


What is an architectural scale ruler? These are typically metal rulers with specific measurements marked to help you check or create the scale in your architectural drawings. You’ll use your ruler to create the scale of your artwork and ensure that this remains consistent throughout your piece.


How to use an architectural scale? First, you’ll want to determine which scale you’ll want to use throughout your piece. Once you’ve chosen that, you can use the corresponding scale on the ruler. As you begin drawing, if you’re measuring anything, you’ll want to make sure to start from 0, as these rulers aren’t like your typical ruler where 0 will always be the end of the ruler. Also make sure to keep in mind what each measurement means, so for example if your scale is ¼, make sure you remember that each ¼ inch is a foot or whatever measurement you choose. 


What is the difference between an architect and an engineer scale? While they’re very similar, engineer scales tend to work in ratios and often are measured in decimals as opposed to fractions. Engineer scale rulers are also only meant to be read from one direction (left to right) whereas architect scales can be read from both directions. 


Sketch out the renovations for your room or home with the accuracy of an architect with an architect ruler. This useful tool can be used for creating perfect straight edges and measuring the distance between objects in your sketch. With 6 scales to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your blueprint or sketch. Create with precision and discover all the different ways this architect’s ruler can help you improve your drawings. Add an architect’s ruler to your collection and start sketching!