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Bone Folders

Bone folders are an incredibly useful folding tool used in a variety of crafting projects. Great for creating a sharp, crisp edge in card making, bone folders are also useful for smoothing out air bubbles in scrapbooking or decoupage. They can also be useful for curling ribbon. The bone folder tool is also used in origami projects especially modular origami projects where simple folds are made many times in repetition.


What does a bone folder do? A bone folder is a crafting tool used in a variety of craft projects to fold and crease material. A bone folder is rounded at one end and pointed at the other. Alternatively known as a bone folding knife, bone folders come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are sold by themselves or in a bone folder set.


Traditionally bone folders were used in bookbinding or letter writing to score paper and crease folds. Folding card stock without a bone folder can produce cracked, rippled creases so it is a staple item used in card making. Run a bone folder tip along a ruler against your craft paper to create a score line for neat, smooth folds in card making and other crafts. You can use a bone folder to create perfect edges in your scrapbook pages or origami projects.


Why is it called a bone folder? Today bone folders are made of a variety of materials from plastic, wood, or even metal. However, originally bone folders were made of whalebone or cow bone for the folding of paper in letter writing hence they were called "bone folders".


How do you curl paper with a bone folder? You can use a bone folder to crease anything from tissue paper to cardboard. Run the smooth edge of the bone folder in a slight turning motion along the paper edge you wish to curl. You can also wrap the ribbon around a rounded bone folder or along the sharp edge of a bone folder to create a curl in the ribbon.