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Canvas Bundles

Put your artistic expression center stage with a high-quality bulk canvas supply. With a wide variety of sizes and sturdy backings, these canvases will give your art the surface it needs and deserves! All the canvases have convenient dimensions that allow you to instantly display or frame them and add a touch of beauty to any wall or gallery. You can choose from bundles that also include acrylic or oil paints that you can use to express your inner artist. Simply sketch your composition on the canvas surface then apply your favorite paint. You can also paint more freely or create abstract artwork by painting directly onto your canvas without a sketch. Whatever your artistic vision is these versatile canvas bundles will allow you to bring it to life.


What are the standard art canvas sizes? Canvas bundles for artistic work traditionally range from 11" x 14" to 48" x 72", though any size canvas will work, depending on the project and artist. Our convenient bundles include both large and small canvases to suit any project. You can start with a medium-sized canvas to create an inspiring focal point to a room or wall.


What paints should I use on canvas? Typically artists use oil paints or acrylics paints, but you can use other paints if you choose. Gouache can be applied to canvas however you won’t be able to get the best effects with water on canvas. This same principle applies to watercolor paints as canvases aren’t as absorbent as wood pulp or cotton pulp paper is. 


Can you sketch on canvas before painting? Yes! You can use your favorite HB pencil to sketch out your composition before you start working. This can allow you to plan out your piece before you start working. You may want to erase any extra construction lines or lift the graphite before applying paint so it doesn’t affect your piece. 


Each canvas bundle is a combination of our premium supplies and has been carefully curated with artists in mind. Whether you’re a novice painter, beginning your artistic expression, or an experienced professional, these bundles will have just what you need to start creating. Whether you feel like working on a bigger piece or want to create a quick small piece for fun, you’ll be able to with our range of canvases in some of these bundles. Express your innermost thoughts and show the world your beautiful artistic expressions with a complete canvas bundle!