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Canvas Pads

Using a pad of canvas paper for painting is an affordable, reliable alternative to purchasing stretched canvas on a frame. Canvas pads also take up less space. These pads are perfect for beginners to practice painting. As well, they are easy to transport to a studio or painting class.


What is a canvas pad? You may be wondering if there is an alternative surface for painting that doesn't involve buying stretched canvas on a frame. The alternative is a pad of sheets of primed canvases that are bound together. Using a pad for painting is bothe portable and convenient. As well, stretched canvas panels can be expensive and difficult to handle. 


How do you use sheets on a canvas pad? When you use a pad for your paintings, you have options on how you wish to use it. Canvas sheets for painting can be used by either keeping the sheets in the book or by removing the canvas paper to paint on another surface. The canvas sheets are removable and are bound in a way you can tear or remove them. If you choose to leave the pages in the book, it will become a keepsake of your art. The pages are sealed so that your paint won't soak through.


How do you frame canvas paper from a pad? Canvas sheets that came from a pad can be framed. Many pads come in standard sizing that allow you to buy a standard size frame, or a frame and mat. It is also possible to mount paintings done on your pad. This involves mounting the painting to a mat board or panel. Using an archival glue, the painting is glued to the surface of the mat or panel. In order to prevent the painting from buckling or curling, it is important to let it dry under pressure for the time recommended on the adhesive. You can then frame the panel. Mounting your painting takes practice, so be sure to practice before trying it on your finished painting. It is also possible to bring it to a professional framer.


Arteza offers canvas pads which are a convenient way to practice (and even present) your paintings. They are cost-effective and convenient to use. If you decide to frame the pad, there are a bevy of options as well.