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Chalkboard Walls

Chalkboard walls create limitless options for art and communication. Plain walls can be boring. Fortunately, there is an interesting way to cheer up any wall. Adding a chalkboard wall will transform a normal wall into an ever-changing canvas and message board. Hang a basket on the wall filled with colorful chalk or vibrant chalk markers and you’re ready for all kinds of fun.


Create a chalkboard backsplash in the kitchen to draw a weekly meal calendar or to write a grocery list. Add a section of chalkboard by the front door to jot down notes for kids or reminders for husbands. A large chalkboard calendar in the office is a wonderful option for planning- and organization-based positions. Transform the bottom half of a playroom’s wall with a chalkboard wall to encourage creativity in children and a space to practice writing and math.  While both chalkboard paint and chalkboard wall stickers are wonderful additions to any room, the stickers offer a noncommittal option. No matter what route you choose, a chalkboard wall is a wonderful and exciting statement piece for your home.


How do I turn my wall into a chalkboard? The first option is to secure supplies, such as drop cloths, primers, paint rollers, paint brushes, and chalkboard paint. You can purchase chalkboard paint in a number of different colors, such as: blue, pink, gray, black, and white. Measure out the area you intend to transform, say 7' x 5', and paint your chalkboard wall. Unfortunately, the paint may not be an option for temporary housing or rentals. The next option is using a chalkboard wall sticker. A removable, vinyl chalkboard wall sticker comes in varied sizes to meet your needs. They can be stuck to nearly any surface as long as the texture is complimentary. The stickers simply require scissors to cut them to size, a clean surface, and a hard, straight edge like a credit card to smooth out any bubbles that may appear when placing the stickers on the wall. Measure out the vinyl, say 5' x 5', and create your chalkboard