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Add a charming touch to any space with the addition of a chalkboard! Whether you’re looking to dress up your business, home, classroom, office, or dorm room, we have a chalkboard for you! Blackboards are super versatile and come in handy for jotting down memos, reminders, inspirational quotes, messages, and more. Writing on blackboards is more enjoyable, and an overall dust-free experience when you’re working with our Liquid Chalk Markers. Washing your chalkboards is a total breeze once you’ve added our Chalkboard Cleaner Set, Chalkboard Cleaner Set with 12 Chalk Markers, or our Chalkboard Cleaner Set with Magic Sponges to your collection. Grab all your chalkboard-related supplies here at Arteza! 



What is a Chalkboard Wall Sticker? Our premium Chalkboard Wall Sticker invites you to transform any flat surface into a chalkboard! This unique adhesive blackboard makes a wonderful addition to classrooms, recreation halls, kitchens, dorm rooms, bedrooms, workspaces, and businesses. Since this must-have blackboard sticker is easy to apply, and is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you have nothing to lose! Add a blackboard to your space with our Chalkboard Wall Sticker with 8 Assorted Chalk Pieces



Which Chalkboards are portable? Use our Rustic Chalkboards Pack of 5 or our A-Frame Magnetic Chalkboard Set to add portable chalkboards to your space. The Rustic Chalkboards 5-Pack features 9.5 in x 12 in chalkboards that can easily be hung up on any wall with a hanger or nail; its cute rustic-nature makes these chalkboards a charming addition to any space. Our A-Frame Magnetic Chalkboard is double-sided and stands up on its own making it a wonderful location to feature a witty joke, a welcoming message, and daily or weekly specials. Alternatively, add our A-Frame Magnetic Chalkboard to your classroom or office! 



What should I use to clean my chalkboard? We recommend using our water-based, certified non-toxic, ammonia-free, low-odor chalkboard cleaner to clean your blackboard surfaces. Our blackboard cleaner is featured in the following sets: Chalkboard Cleaner Set with 12 Chalk Markers or our Chalkboard Cleaner Set with Magic Sponges. Keep your blackboards looking brand new, start by upgrading to our professional-grade chalkboard cleaner! 



Stock up on everything blackboard-related with this selection of chalkboards and blackboard cleaners! 


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