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Chisel Tip Markers

Uniquely shaped for multipurpose use, chisel tip markers allow for broad bold coverage and refined calligraphy effects. They are named for the shape of the tip, which is tapered and often angled. Because of their simplicity, ease of use and virtually non-existent clean-up, chisel tip markers are a great choice for artists who want to add vivid color and bold lines to their artwork.


What are chisel tip markers? Chisel tips have a fat felt nib marker with a dramatic angle that gives you a wide flat edge as well as a sharply cornered point. Chisel tip markers are often used to create calligraphy and lettering art because it is easier to create varying depths and widths of strokes to create the letters and words in calligraphy. Chisel marker drawings tend to have a bold graphic quality defined by sharp lines and saturated color, making them a favorite of calligraphers and comic books artists.


The nice thing about chisel tip markers is that all you really need to get started is a nice heavy non-textured paper like Bristol and markers in a color palette that you like. While bold colors are commonly available, chisel tip markers come in every color imaginable.


How do you use a chisel tip marker? In order to get the full benefits that a chisel marker has to offer, you need to hold it at a select angle to get the line width that you are trying to achieve. It's all in the wrist as well as the pressure that you apply. Holding the pen at a steady angle produces a line that naturally drifts from thick to thin with perfectly even color coverage.  


The shape of the tip makes it easy to create many different widths when you use them. You can get a thinner line or a thicker line depending on how you angle the tip when you use it and move it across the page. This eliminates the need for numerous different markers with varying sizes of tips, such as fine or thick.


This quality makes them very popular for graphic designers, scrapbook artists and calligraphers. Unlike a brush and paint, chisel tip markers 

take the application of pressure out of the equation, instead relying on their unyielding shape to change the weight of the line. This makes them a great option for artists who want saturated color and crisp clean lines without losing a painterly effect.


The angled chisel tip also lends itself well to a standing technique. Artists who like to stand while they work or put fine detailed lines on large pieces will find chisel markers an indispensable tool. Easy to use, easy to store and iconic in their effect, chisel tip felt markers are for way more than just whiteboards and make a great addition to any artist's toolbox.