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Pottery Tools

Create ceramic work and sculptures with impressive textures and details with our Pottery Tools. The tools in your kit play a major role in your ability to manipulate clay, which is why it is important to supply yourself with a diverse collection of pottery tools. Whether you’re working with oven-bake clay (polymer clay) or porcelain clay, you need reliable pottery tools to assist you while creating. Even if you primarily work on a pottery wheel, you need tools to add unique touches, patterns, and details. Palette knives can be very useful when manipulating clay and creating sculptures. Set yourself up for creative success by investing in a professional-grade set of pottery tools! 



What can palette knives be used for? Palette knives are traditionally known for being used to mix, blend, and apply paints (like acrylics and oil paints), however, they can also be used for sculpting and working with clay. The wide selection of palette knives featured provide you with every shape you could possibly need to create unique works of art. Our Palette Knives Set of 8 makes the ideal introductory palette knife set since it includes such a diverse set of palette knives of varying shapes and sizes. Additionally you can purchase the following sets of two Palette Knives: #7 and #15, #25 and #34, #21 and #34, #7 and #21, #7 and #17, #11 and #25. Additionally, palette knives #17 and #2 are sold individually. 



What are the differences between the pottery and clay tool sets? 



The Pottery and Clay Sculpting Tools Set of 22 includes all of the essentials for working on smaller-scale sculptures and adding fine details; additionally, we’ve included a tool to slice through pieces of clay. The tools in this set make adding fun patterns and elaborate details to your work an absolute breeze. Each sculpting tool includes a comfortable grip for righties and lefties. This Pottery and Clay Sculpting Tools Set makes a great addition to any sculptors collection. 



For a more diverse set of sculpting and pottery tools, invest in our Pottery and Clay Sculpting Tools Set of 42! This premium pottery tools set includes every tool you could possibly need to manipulate clay and ceramic pieces, making this the ultimate tools set for potters and sculptors. We’ve included all of the essential tools you need, as well as some of the harder to find tools to ensure you have everything you need to succeed. This set comes complete with a wooden rib, aluminum rib, turning and trimming tools, modeling and carving tools, a needle tool, and so much more! To truly invest in your craft, add our Pottery and Clay Sculpting Tools Set of 42 to your collection. 



To get your polymer clay and tools in one, add our Oven-Bake Clay, Tools, and Accessories Set to your kit. This set includes 42 polymer clay colors, in every shade of the rainbow, and harder to find colors like Copper and Gold. Since this set includes both tools and the clay needed to craft your own polymer clay earrings, rings, and buttons, the creative opportunities feel infinite! Our Oven-Bake Clay, Tools, and Accessories Set makes a wonderful introductory set for anyone looking to craft their own clay jewelry or explore this versatile medium. 



Grab all of the palette knives and pottery and clay sculpting tools you need to create like never before!