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Coloring Bundles

Add some brilliant vibrancy to your artwork with coloring bundles. Let the best colored pens and pencils out there help you bring life and color to your art projects. Colored pencils tend to be the traditional way to add color and depth to your artwork since they allow you lots of control and are pretty intuitive to use. However, if you enjoy bolder colors, pens allow you the precision to build intricate details and bright ink. If you’re ready to dive right into coloring, grab yourself a bundle and get everything you need to get started. Each bundle will come with a coloring book filled with fun designs and all the supplies you need to add a bright splash of color to each page. Treat yourself to a coloring bundle and start creating!


What are the coloring materials? To speak to every inner artist a wide variety of coloring materials are available in coloring bundles. The vibrant and smooth coloring pencils allow the artist to develop blendable layers. Pens, including precision fine-liners and quick-drying gels, set a multi-dimensional and colorful stage with a focus on creating detail.


What are the best colored pencils for coloring? You’ll want a colored pencil that has a very pigmented core that allows you to add color to your page, even with light pressure applied. All of our colored pencils are created with artists in mind so they color smoothly and apply bright pigmentation to your pages so every pencil looks true to color. 


Are gel pens good for coloring? With their smooth lines, quick dry time, and vivid colors, gel pens are an excellent choice for coloring. Colored gel pens allow you to create fine lines, blendable transitions, and even the sparkle of glitter in your artwork. You can use many of the same techniques you would use with colored pencils. Gel pens are easy to pick up so you can start adding a serious pop of color and vibrancy to your art project immediately.


Give yourself a moment of zen with a coloring bundle. Your inner artist will delight in being able to shade seamlessly with a wide selection of colored pencils. Colored pens will also allow you to reach every corner of your design, apply bold color, and add flair with metallic and glitter shades. Coloring is a great way to relax, unwind, and do something creative with your spare time. Listen to your inner artist and find the right coloring bundle for your calming art sessions.