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Crafting Bundles

Start crafting with our complete craft bundles. There are bundles for crafting interests of all kinds. These multi-piece bundles are convenient for both the beginner crafter who needs to build a starting supply and tool kit and the experienced crafter who is in search of a means of inspiration. Our bundles offer flexibility for artists of all levels; there’s no need to feel intimidated about starting something new. You’ll find creative bundles for fabric art, wood and clay crafts, and for vinyl work.


The vinyl bundles offer an array of long-lasting heat-transfer and self-adhesive vinyl sheets. The entry-level Vinyl Sheets Bundle offers not only vinyl sheets, but also a cutting mat and a 17-piece toolset with a carrying case. The Vinyl Lover's Bundle and the Vinyl Expert Bundle include both heat-transfer and self-adhesive vinyl sheets in a variety of vibrant colors.


Our clay bundle is called the Crafty Clay Bundle. It includes polymer clay and a variety of sculpting tools. It also has accessories for creating clay jewelry. To complement the set, the bundle has carrying cases for the clay and the tools so you’ll have a compact and portable set.


We also have bundles for crafty painters. There is a bundle for fabric crafters and a bundle for woodcraft artists. Whatever craft you like to do, we’ll likely have a bundle for you. The Fabric Artist Bundle includes fabric paints and markers, stencils and brushes for every level of fabric craft. The Wood Slice Painting Bundle has a set each of smooth wood slices, vibrant paints and durable brushes to spark the interest of anyone interested in woodcraft. Our crafting paint bundles allow you to explore customizing everything from fabric to wood.


In addition to craft bundles, we have art bundles and sets in paints, pencils, brushes and paper. There is an Acrylic Painter's Starter Bundle that includes fade-resistant paint and a selection of panels in various sizes. There are also bundles of brush pens and watercolors, colored pencils, markers, chalk and more. Shop bundles and discover your next big project.


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