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Craft Paint Bundles

Craft paints offer many colorful options for painting all kinds of materials. The most common paint for crafting is usually acrylic, as it dries quickly, has a strong pigment, works well on a diverse amount of materials, and is easy to wash off before it dries. Most likely, you’ll want craft paint for metal, wood, canvas, plastic, and fabric projects.    


What is Craft Paint? Art and craft paint is intended for more industrial purposes than simply painting canvas or paper. Whether it's for wood, metal, or fabric, each kind of paint uses a different base formula so you can choose the perfect fit for a variety of materials. 


Can you paint plastic with Acrylic Craft Paint? Although it can work in a pinch, acrylic paint isn’t meant for plastic. It rubs off over time, especially if it's an object that will be handled or touched frequently like a bowl or a vase. If you want to paint plastic, try an enamel-based paint as it works well on smooth surfaces. However, if you need to use acrylic paint, try priming the surface first as a base coat for your project, and then finish it off with a sealant. This gives the acrylic paint a more textured surface to adhere to rather than straight, smooth plastic.


What paint is best for Wood Crafts? Acrylic is going to be the best choice of craft paint for wood. It soaks into the pores of the material, stays strongly pigmented, and dries quickly. As with all projects, adding a sealant to the finished product is a helpful guarantee that your paint job will last even longer. Remember, some wood can trap dirt and dust very easily, so make sure you clean your surface before painting it to ensure a smooth result. If the wood is very textured, you may want to apply multiple coats of paint to make sure it covers every nook and cranny.