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Craft Supplies Bestsellers

Make something unique with our bestselling craft supplies. From high-quality materials to expertly-crafted tools, our wide range of supplies has everything you need to create your next masterpiece. Our products are created with artists in mind so that your project will always have a polished look when it’s finished. Ready to get started? Browse our vibrant selection of products to get inspired.


Are you crafting a set of wooden ornaments for your rustic-inspired Christmas tree? Working on that perfect farmhouse wedding centerpiece you saw online? Arteza's wood slices are made from real pine wood with natural bark that is smoothed and sanded to perfection. These slices are ready for paint, markers, glue, beads, and any other material that inspires you. They also come in 3 different sizes so you can pick the perfect set for you. 


Perfect for signs, lettering, bags, and even T-shirts, our self-adhesive vinyl is a versatile product that's ready to transform any surface you can put a sticker on. Our vinyl is flexible, durable, and can be weeded easily. This means that it can be applied to just about any surface without damage or tearing and you can easily remove pieces that aren’t a part of your design. You can remove it whenever you like, without leaving behind a sticky adhesive residue.


There's no greater joy in the world like having a fresh box of polymer clay. Play with it, sculpt with it, build worlds, design characters, make gifts for your family and friends--the possibilities are limitless! Our soft, pliable clay won't make a mess or stain your hands, and the colors stay vibrant even after the clay has been baked and hardened. If you want to take your pieces to another level, our bestselling sculpting tools can help you mold, shape, cut, carve, and smooth your pieces to perfection.


Whether you're an experienced artist working on a professional project, a beginning artist who wants to learn the fundamentals, or a busy parent looking for a fun project for your kids, Arteza offers a wide selection of products for every interest and skill level. You’ll be able to find paints in every color and paper that’s perfect for any project you’re working on. Whatever craft project you’re looking to start, we have what you’re looking for. Grab the supplies that speak to you most and get crafting!