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Diploma Frames

Showcase your incredible achievement with a diploma frame. Our frames are available in two distinct sizes with durable solid wood frames and all-glass fronts. Whether you want to mount your diploma or showcase it on your desk, these frames have the hardware you need. Each frame includes a convenient hook and a kickstand easel so you’ll be able to choose which way you prefer to display your frame. These document frames can also help you display certificates, premium documents, and collectibles. Diploma frames are perfect for celebrating your accomplishments and to give as a gift for a graduate student.


Should I frame my diploma? It’s a good idea because the frame will also protect your diploma from creases, fraying, and dust or debris. Framing your diploma also creates a personal touch in your workspace and home, allowing you an opportunity to highlight important milestones that aesthetically coordinates with your environment.


What size frame do you need for a diploma? The two most common sizes for frames are 8 1/2"H x 11"W and 11"H x 14"W. These college diploma frames are designed to fit both typical styles of diploma without the hassle of custom framing. They’re also available with or without matting, which lets you choose if you want an extra border around your document.


Should you laminate your diploma? Lamination permanently encases your diploma in three layers of plastic. Though lamination initially protects your document, the plastic and glue deteriorate the document's quality over time by flattening embossed seals and distorting the colorization. Additionally, once your diploma is laminated, you can't extract it from the plastic cover. Frames make it easy to remove the document at a later date if you move, change the frame, or need to photocopy your diploma for future references.


Graduating from school is one of the most valuable credentials you’ll earn. Featuring your diplomas acts as a personal reminder of your passion, determination and the unique skills you've attained to graduate. Displaying your diploma at work also instills confidence with customers of your qualifications. These frames are a simple, convenient and decorative way to honor your success and offer inspiration to keep pursuing challenging goals throughout the rest of your life.


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