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Dry Erase Board Cleaners

Make cleaning up after creating less of a hassle-free, using our art-focused cleaning supplies. Cleaning up your painting area, chalkboards, whiteboards, and garments doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore, our art cleaners even make the task satisfying! Regardless of your medium of preference, you’ll surely need straightforward art cleaning supplies that get the job done; look no further, our brush cleaner and art cleaners are perfect for you! See for yourself how quick and easy clean-up can be by upgrading to our cleaning supplies.


What supplies does an artist need? Depending on the medium/media an artist works with, there is a large range of art cleaning supplies that are fit for the job. It’s important to clean up as quickly as possible after you’ve finished creating to eliminate stains, any lingering toxicity, and to keep your products fresh. 

Art cleaning supplies we offer:

  • Chalkboard Cleaner - Professional-grade cleaner that will erase every mark to leave your blackboards looking pristine
  • Whiteboard Cleaner - Clean away even the most difficult ghost marks with our powerful whiteboard cleaner solution
  • Turpentine - Remove acrylic paint from your clothes with our turpentine solution, follow along with our blog post for specifics on the best practices for removing paint from fabrics
  • Brush Cleaner - Keep your paintbrushes in great shape by cleaning them the moment you finish painting with our state of the art brush cleaner

Regardless if you are a teacher, student, artist, or instructor, it is vital that you keep your art supply products, chalkboards, and whiteboards clean! Our art cleaning supplies will make cleaning your supplies and/or station as trouble-free and time-efficient a task as possible. Keeping your products clean will make creating more pleasurable and overall less challenging. Having dependable art cleaners and brush cleaners at your fingertips will make a world of difference, see for yourself by securing your art cleaning supplies today!