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Dry Erase Lapboards

Stock up your classroom or office with dry erase lap boards and accessories. Our premium dry erase boards are sturdy, stain-resistant and portable. Use it at home or take it with you wherever you go. We offer framed and unframed sets with accessories that are sold separately or as a part of our Complete Dry Erase Bundle. Buy our dry erase lap boards for the ultimate experience of flexibility in creativity and organization.


Our unframed Dry Erase Lapboards are double-sided and come with a pen holder that attaches to the side of the board. They are easily portable. So, if you've come up with a fun interactive lesson for the class or want an interesting way for students to brainstorm, these boards are a great option. All you’ll need are some dry erase pens and whiteboard erasers to make your activity go smoothly.


Our framed dry erase boards are magnetic and include fine-tipped dry erase markers, magnetic erasers, pen holders and magnets for notes. Each set has mounting magnets and double-sided tape; so, mount our boards in your office, your studio or the kitchen. Also, to keep our markers within easy reach of a mounted board, each marker has a magnetic eraser cap to affix the marker to the surface of the lapboard. You'll never be far from our board and a marker for convenient note-taking or idea sketching.


In addition to our framed and unframed dry erase boards, we offer a foam eraser set and a set of our 24-piece markers with our non-toxic, water-based Whiteboard Cleaner. We also have a comprehensive dry-erase bundle set which includes a pack of dry erase boards with an attachable pen holder, a set of chisel-tipped dry erase markers and a pack of magnetic erasers.


Check out our selection of versatile, highly functional dry erase lap board sets. They’re useful in the home, in the classroom, at work and even in the car. Give one to each family member for their own personal use. Our low-odor markers are safe for anyone at any age. Our Dry Erase Lapboards and accessories make capturing ideas simple, fun and carefree. Purchase some and start writing your notes and messages with pride.


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