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Fabric Paint Bundles

Go beyond painting on conventional canvas by taking advantage of our fabric paint bundles. Artists rely on fabric paints because they produce wonderful works of art on a variety of different fabrics.  Fabric paints are suited for clothing, curtains, accessories, pillow covers, and much more. Choose from Arteza’s fabric paint bundles for a variety of budget-friendly paintbrushes, canvases, and color palettes that will ignite your imagination.


How to paint on fabric permanently? There are two products that enable artists to paint lasting, beautiful artworks on fabric— textile medium and textile medium paint, also known as fabric paint. Textile medium is a liquid and the carrier to be mixed with other paints in order to make the paint more flexible and useable on fabrics.  Textile medium paint (fabric paint) is designed for fabric art from its inception, as it’s produced with paint pigment already combined with a suitable carrier medium.

Most paints that are produced for use on a flat sheet of paper or rigid canvas won't hold up on more flexible fabrics. These non-washable paints will stick and stain, when applied to fabrics, often leaving indelible marks when washed. 


How to use fabric paint? For best results prior to painting, wash the fabric according to the fabric's care instructions. Next, iron the fabric for a smooth surface. And if you're painting anything with two or more layers of fabric overtop each other, such as a T-shirt, be sure to place cardboard between the layers in order to keep paint from seeping through to the other side. Then, simply apply the strokes of fabric paint according to your desire. 

Tried and true fabrics for fabric painting include cotton, silk, and rayon. The tighter the weave a piece of fabric has, the smoother the image an artist will be able to create; conversely, loosely-woven fabrics will present an unpredictable texture, complicating the outcome of the artwork.


How to remove paint from fabric? Should you get paint on an area not intended, remove the paint quickly while it remains wet. It's important to scrape the paint up, rather than pressing it down, further into the fabric. Then, use a delicate touch with a paper towel to wipe the paint away, or gently scrape the paint off with a sheet of paper or putty knife.

Once you've removed all you can, take the fabric to the sink. If the paint is on a garment, such as a shirt, turn the garment inside out. Flush the stained area with water, holding the fabric so that water hits the reverse side of the fabric first. Rinsing toward the stain will push paint further into the fabric, whereas rinsing from behind will push the paint out. Hand wash with detergent if needed, then hang to dry.