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Fabric Paint Open Stock

Arteza’s budget-friendly fabric paint (Open Stock) enables artists to successfully paint upon a wide variety of fabrics, affordably. Should you exhaust a particular color, there is no need to purchase an entire set of paints. Simply select a single tube of the color desired from our Fabric Paint Open Stock and you are prepared to create again. Textile medium is the fluid that is combined with paint, creating the flexible property in fabric paint. Most fabrics, even the best ones, require some preparation prior to use. This depends on the material of the fabric and its weave.  


How to paint on fabric permanently? Prior to painting, wash and dry the fabric according to its care instructions. Next, iron your fabric.  If you’re painting fabric with layers, like a t-shirt, for example, place a barrier between the item’s different layers. Let the fabric cool, then begin painting.

After completing the artwork, iron your fabric painting, using a medium or high heat temperature in order to heat set it for permanency. This is the key step and what sets the fabric paint permanent, rather than having your painting wash away. Upon heat-setting the painted fabric, wait 7 days before washing it again in order to ensure the heat-setting takes hold. Fabric painting is a deceptively simple task with a lot of wonderful outcomes! Start fabric painting today!


How to remove paint from fabric? The only practical way to remove fabric paint is to wash it immediately before the paint dries. Quickly use a large amount of water to dilute the paint, then use a small amount of detergent, such as dish soap. The water temperature should be cool or lukewarm. Unfortunately, there is no reliable way to remove fabric paint once it has been applied and dried.