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Fabric Paint Sets

Liven up your clothing, accessories and furniture with vibrant colors, using Arteza’s fabric paint sets. These rich textile paints come in a wide spectrum of blendable colors, from pastels and fluorescents to primary colors and metallic hues. Unlike other mediums, the smooth texture of our fabric paints enables you to create brilliant blends and detailed patterns on furniture, clothing, drapes and more. Costume designers, children, and hobbyists of all sorts will love selecting among our fabric paint sets to add their own unique flare to clothing and accessories.


What are fabric paints? These smooth, vibrantly-hued paints are combined with a liquid textile medium, designed specifically for use on fabrics.  They won’t crack, peel or stiffen your soft fabrics. These blendable paints are quick-drying and deposit brilliant, semi-transparent ink onto your craft’s surface, giving your artwork the colorful personality sought.


What are fabric paints used for? You can use fabric paints for embellishing everything from hats, shirts, bags to jeans, shoes, and furniture. Whether you’re making matching family shirts and hats, or giving your throw pillows a unique style, these easy-to-use paints are a great option for whatever project you’re creating. They’re perfect for customizing everything in your studio!


What textiles should I use for fabric paints? You can use fabric paint on both natural and synthetic fabrics, including cotton, denim, canvas, or even leather and wood. Just set the paint with a hot iron and your designs will be ready to enjoy without having to wait multiple days for the paint to dry. As well, their tints are permanent, fade-resistant, and even machine washable and dryer safe so you can enjoy your fabric paint based artworks for a long time.

Fabric paint sets are designed with both professionals and hobbyists in mind. Even kids will have a wonderful time customizing their own clothes since these paints are safe and non-toxic. They go on smoothly and have a blendable texture, enabling you to customize colors for your palette. Discover the many options you can create with Arteza’s affordable, vibrant fabric paint sets.