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Give yourself a whole new look with our professional face paint kits. These paints are fun for Halloween, birthday parties, cosplay, and so much more. Whether you’re using white and black face paint for that next big rock concert or using neon face paint for a super cool blacklight photo shoot, our face paint will stay bright and crack-free while you have fun. Create fun designs and even change yourself into a completely different character with these bright and easy to use face paints.


Which face paint is the best? Our face paints are definitely a great option! They’re non-toxic, water-based, and will stay bright and pigmented on your skin for as long as you need. Many people swear by our neon paint because it reacts so strongly beneath blacklight, you’ll look like you’re glowing!


When should I use face paint? You’ll want to use face paint whenever you need a large quantity or specific color that you can’t achieve with standard cosmetics. They’re also a good choice for whenever you need the design to stay on you for several hours.


What brushes are used for face painting? You can use a wide variety of brushes like fan, round, or flat brushes. You can also use sponges and textured sponges to apply the paint to your face or add texture.


Get hyped for your next big sporting event by painting your face the colors of your favorite team or paint cute designs on your children’s faces for their next big birthday bash. Face painting is such a fun way to add a personal touch to your look. When you’re ready to clean everything off your face or body simply use a bit of soap and water. You can also use your favorite makeup wipes or makeup remover to help you remove the color. Grab a set for your next fun event and see what you’ll transform yourself into.


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