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Felt Fabric

Create countless arts and craft pieces and complete dozens of DIY projects with felt fabric. Felt fabric is known for its versatility, it can be used for everything from crafting your own pencil case to creating home decor. Adding felt fabric to mixed media pieces adds even more dimension and texture to your masterpieces. Felt fabric is a must-have to craft your own holiday decorations or DIY home decor. At Arteza, we offer a wide selection of both stiff and soft felt fabric for you to use for everything from craft projects to creating fine art. 


What are the advantages to stiff felt fabric? Stiff felt fabric is preferred when you’re creating anything that needs structure, this can be a bag, signage, holiday decorations, and even hand-made fabric jewelry. To create with a full rainbow of colors, invest in our Embossed Stiff Felt Fabric Set of 50. Many of our sets include both stiff and soft felt fabric to provide crafters and artists with a diverse assortment of felt fabric sheets. Some of our best-selling stiff and soft felt fabric sets include: 12” x 14” Stiff and Soft Felt Fabric Set of 50 (in assorted colors) and our 8.3” x 11.8” Stiff and Soft Felt Fabric Sheets Set of 50.


Soft felt fabric sheets provide artists with more flexible felt fabric, ideal for covering curved surfaces or items. To add a pop of metallic to your project or piece, work with our Metallic Soft Felt Sheets Set of 30. Some color-themed felt fabric sheet sets include our Pink Tones Soft and Stiff Felt Fabric Sheets Set of 50, Pastel Tones Soft and Stiff Felt Fabric Sheets Set of 50, Blue Tones Soft and Stiff Felt Fabric Sheets Set of 50, and our Adhesive Felt Fabric Sheets Set of 20. Artists can also glue Chenille Stems onto their felt fabric creations to add even more dimension and color. 


What can I use to decorate felt fabric sheets? Decorate your felt fabric creations with glitter glue, glitter, permanent markers, fabric paints, fabric markers, and pom poms. You can also cut shapes out of your felt fabric sheets, or layer felt sheets on top of one another to create different patterns and designs. The creative opportunities feel endless when you’re crafting with Arteza’s premium Felt Fabric Sheets! 


Stock up on all of the felt fabric sheets you need to create whatever your heart desires!