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Felt Pens

Set yourself up for academic, artistic, and professional success by adding Felt Pens to your collection! Regardless of if you're writing in your planner, creating mixed media, or jotting down important work notes, felt pens are a great option. You can stick with classic black felt pens, or switch it up to more engaging and fun colors that we offer like Sherbert Tones. Additionally, we have two different tip sizes of felt pens so that you can achieve different marks if needed. 

What are the advantages of felt pens?

The water-based ink in our felt pens is fast-drying and produces smudge-resistant marks, allowing you to create in confidence. This makes this set optimal for any artist, especially enthusiastic artists and left-handed people. Instead of using a pen for journaling or day to day tasks, it's also fun to switch it up with a felt pen! 

How do you suggest using these felt brush pens?

The only limit is your imagination! If you’re a writer you can journal or practice lettering. Illustrators can draw, outline, and fill in their latest work, and mixed-media artists can include this as one of their mediums. Even if you just want to write down colorful notes at work or fill in coloring books, these felt pens are for you. 

What other color assortments do you have?

If you're looking for more than typical black ink, we have a variety of colorful and vibrant assortments such as Classic, Sherbet,  Brights & Neon, and Rainbow. 


Do these felt brush pens have different tips?

Yes! If your artwork calls for thicker marks or filling in areas of color, the following felt pens feature a bold felt tip which is 1.0-1.5 mm:

Felt Pens, Black - Set of 12

Felt Pens, Classic - Set of 36

Felt Pens, Sherbet - Set of 24

Felt Pens, Brights & Neon - Set of 24

Felt Pens, Rainbow - Set of 24


If you're looking to create thinner lines or want to create flowing calligraphy/lettering, the following felt pens feature a felt brush tip. 

Felt Pens, Vibrant Colors, Brush Tip - Set of 12

Felt Pens, Black, Brush Tip - Set of 12


There are so many creative possibilities with this variety of felt pens, so grab a set (or two) and see where your imagination takes you!