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Glassboard Markers

Glassboard markers are Glassboard Markers designed to perform best on glass surfaces. For writing or drawing on glass surfaces, several different types of markers can be used. The type of marker you should select for use on glass will depend on whether you want the results to be permanent or erasable, as well as factors such as color, tip material, tip shape and cost. Nonetheless, some general principles can be used when selecting the best markers for glass dry erase boards.


What markers can you use on glass? If you are writing on a glass surface with the intent to keep a permanent design, keep in mind that markers may not be your best option, and you may be better off with certain paints, or some types of oil-based markers, rather than a water-based dry erase marker, which will be easily erasable.


However, if you need the best markers for glass dry erase boards, it's best to use a water-based dry erase marker specifically labeled for use on glass. In particular, glassboard markers, which will typically be marked for use on glass boards, come in a wide variety of colors, including primary, secondary and neon colors, in addition to the standard and ever-necessary black marker.


Markers that work for use on glass surfaces come at a variety of price points, from affordable disposable markers to more full-featured and higher-quality markers. Glassboard markers feature a variety of grip styles and different ranges of colors. They are easily-erasable and are labeled for use on glass.  


Some of the best glassboard markers also offer replaceable tips—a convenient feature for the part of the product that wears out fastest, and a great way to avoid having to wastefully throw out and replace entire markers when the tips wear out. Of course, for your safety, it's best to look for products that boast non-toxic materials and offer low-odor pigments.