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Put your projects together with glue. Whether you’re making slime or glueing photos into an album, this sticky formula is great for any project you’re working on. The thick formula has a good consistency that allows you to adapt it to your project while still getting a good bond once it dries. The glue also dries clear so you won’t have any unsightly white marks all over your project. Keep a bottle of this in your school backpack or in your crafting kit because you never know when it will come in handy. Grab your set today!


What is glue made out of? It’s typically made of a combination of different compounds that create a sticky solution that you can use to adhere objects together. Different additives can be used to help with the drying times and consistency of the glue.


What are different types of glue? Some varieties come in more of a paste form and you can also find sticks of glue. Sticks of glue can come in hard and soft forms that come in multiple colors like purple, clear, or white. There are also liquid forms that are clear and made for specific surfaces. You can find fabric glues, glue made specifically for paper mache and even powdered glue that you can mix with water to get the right consistency. There’s also hot glue sticks that you can use with a hot glue gun.


What is school glue used for? White school glue has been used for everything from slime to putting together construction paper. Many people love it because unlike a glue stick, you can use it to get extremely precise applications. You can also apply it with a paintbrush or sponge applicator for your project. It’s great for adhering together mixed media pieces with elements like glitter, sequins, and more.


School glue has been used for years on all sorts of craft projects and school assignments. This is a classic adhesive that can be used for everything from paper mache to felt projects. If you’re a card-maker, crafter or paper artist, you’re definitely familiar with this classic adhesive. Keep your studio or classroom stocked with our convenient packs.