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Gouache Paint Bundles

Start creating with one of the most versatile paints with a gouache bundle. Gouache paint, nicknamed the “opaque watercolor,” merges the worlds of watercolor and acrylic. It offers both the workable texture of watercolor and the vibrant colors of acrylic paints, aka the best of both worlds. Artists prize gouache for its versatility. Depending on your style and mood, gouache can be used for calligraphy, blocking in color, journaling, just about anything you can dream of with sharp lines and full-bodied color. Another advantage of gouache is that it photographs very well, a vital feature in the digital age we’re currently living in.


Gouache has some special characteristics that give it a value distinctive from other paints. Highly pigmented with larger color particles, gouache hues are denser, brighter, and less transparent than watercolor, even with the same amount of water. The finish of gouache after it dries is matte allowing for easy cover-ups in your painting. You can also do touch-ups over a longer period of time by adding a little water to the dried paint and reworking it. 


The best surface for gouache is, without a doubt, a good heavyweight paper. Gouache can technically be applied onto canvases, but it lives and breathes best on paper. Paper designed for water-based mediums, such as watercolor paper or mixed media paper is always a good choice. The key is a robust paper that will properly handle the gouache’s weight while retaining a flat shape even if you add water.


Starting with gouache is simple enough for the skills of an amateur and engaging enough to capture the attention of experts. Grabbing a bundle of gouache supplies eliminates the need to think about which items you need to get started. Gouache kits will include all the basic colors that you can mix to your heart’s delight, the proper paper and sometimes even paintbrushes. The final ingredient is water straight from your faucet and you’re ready to get started.


Finding a reliable gouache kit is so easy and you’ll be ready to start painting in no time. If this is your first time using gouache, you will be shocked by the vibrant colors compared to watercolors. Use it for journaling, lettering, portraits, doodles, creating logos, and whatever else your heart desires. The only limit is your imagination. Grab a bundle today and start experimenting!