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Hair Chalk

In the mood for a new look? Grab a hair chalk set and give your hair a colorful flair. This is a great way to change up your normal look without it being permanent. This hair color chalk will stay bright in your hair and will wash out with just a normal shower. Don’t worry if you have dark hair, this chalk will still add a bright pop of color to your hairstyle. To make sure the color stays in your hair and not on you, each set comes with a pair of latex gloves and a cape for when you apply it. Grab your set today and get the rainbow hair you’ve been dreaming of! 


What is hair chalk? It’s similar to normal chalk but its slightly softer so when you rub it against your hair, the chalk will add pigment to your hair. This is non-toxic and completely safe for you and your hair so you can add color without worrying about permanent damage.


What to do with hair chalk? The best way to use it is to rub it against your hair, but you could also rub it against yarn, embroidery floss, or even extensions to add a bit of temporary color to your style or crafting projects.


How to use hair chalk comb? You would simply use the comb device to apply the color to your hair. It’ll be like combing your hair normally, so you’d brush down on your hair and you’ll watch as the pigment is applied.


This is the best hair chalk set for anyone looking to add a bit of excitement to their everyday look. With just a couple brushstrokes, you’ll see colorful rainbows in your hair regardless of how dark or light your hair is. This is the perfect temporary way to test if you like a certain color in your hair or to just add flair until you decide you’d like to permanently change your hair color. Grab a set today and start experimenting with all the fun color combinations you can have in your hair.


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